Chase Durrett

Project Manager


(561) 560-7575



Chase began his career at an early age working under the guidance of his parents custom home building business in resort destinations. After graduating from The University of Colorado, Boulder, he joined the family firm in a full time capacity, working closely on several high-end renovation and custom build projects throughout the Vail community. Looking to expand his knowledge and skill-set, he went on to join a multiple award winning development firm based in Denver that specialized in historical rejuvenation sites. His career would eventually take him to Florida and Kentucky where he completed several commercial development projects including class A office space, multi-family residential, and a first of its kind Radisson flagship hotel. Although grateful for the extensive experience, Chase's passion has always resided in the roots of his childhood, building and creating unique and luxurious homes in the most sought after locations.

Chase's philosophy is that we are not only building homes but building relationships that bring dreams to life. Custom home building relies heavily on contributions from many vested parties and the commitment each member brings to the site daily. Chase is passionate about finding and fostering the talents and skills of building partners to encourage each individual's best performance every day: this is the best and highest service we can provide to our most valued team member - The Client.